Ortega OKB2 Kalimba 17 keys

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The kalimba is a unique melodic instrument that will add a unique and unmistakable element to your production or live performance. Originally from Africa where it has been used for centuries, it can be used for accompaniment or solo playing. This model is made of high quality bamboo wood. The natural acoustics of the wood are complemented by a soundhole that adds warmth to the instrument's sound and extends the sustain. This model has up to seventeen "keys" and, thanks to its tuning, will blend beautifully into virtually most keys. Also included is a carrying case, cleaning cloth, pouch, and a hammer to tune the instrument if needed. The Lizard series kalimba is available in three colours.
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Tuning: C Major
Colour: Natural                            

Ortega OKB1 Kalimba 17 keys

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